Priority:Play – Nature Playscape

Priority:Play – Nature Playscape

Inspiring children to learn through creative play is more than just a tagline for all of us at Gilbert House Children’s Museum. For over 25 years, children have gained confidence and independence as they climbed, crawled, and slid through the Outdoor Discovery Area.

A project that brought the community together at a time when we were beginning to learn of the importance of accessible play, A.C. Gilbert’s Backyard has been well loved by thousands of children. While the wooden decking has outlasted its 20 year expected lifespan, it is becoming  worn by weather and little feet, and we have learned so much more about the importance of providing play experiences for children of all abilities.

Girl playing on pole

Children who play and spend time in nature have increased concentration and cognitive skills, including mitigation of ADHD/ADD symptoms. By providing a sensory and mobility friendly nature based playscape, all children in our community will be able to develop the confidence and compassion that comes from active play.

Our PRIORITY is to provide all children the opportunity to PLAY!
Won’t you join us?