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As a benefit of membership, you can have some of your favorite Gilbert House Children's Museum experiences at home.  For a nominal cleaning fee you will be able to take home some of your favorite exhibits and activities for up to two weeks.



Gilbert House at Home

Bring fun and creative learning into your home. Our subscription boxes are available to provide Pre-K and K-5 with hands-on, inquiry based educational opportunities through STEAM experiments, literacy activities, moments for movement and more. We also have opportunities for small groups of kids to take part in coding and engineering workshops onsite.

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Just because you can't come play at our house doesn't mean we don't still have a lot of fun activities planned for you! Check out our social media and event calendar for our monthly physically distanced and virtual events, as well as activities you can do at home.


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Waiting for Gilbert House Children's Museum to open up again like... #BernieMemes ...
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Our kitchen team is back with another of their comfort food favorites, fried rice. Not only is fried rice a great comfort food, is a wonderful way to introduce different vegetables into your kids' diets. This is a super simple recipe to make with the whole family that will allow you to bring out a little of your own creativity. What do you like to add to your fried rice? #gilberthousechildrensmuseum #gilberthouseathome #gilberthousekitchenteam #kidsinthekitchen #winterreimagined #friedrice #yamasasoysauce #yamasa #localingredients ...
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Save the date and plan to join us for 30 minutes of fun, interactive activities at our first ever virtual pajama party! We will be making crafts, telling stories, playing games and dancing around. You won't want to miss a minute of the fun. #gilberthousechildrensmuseum #gilberthouseathome #winterreimagined #learningthroughcreativeplay #pajamaparty #virtualparty ...
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A rocket may be a missile, spacecraft, aircraft or other vehicle which is pushed by a rocket engine. Most rockets can be launched from the ground because exhaust thrust from the engine is bigger than the weight of the vehicle on Earth. The rocket was invented by the Chinese while using gunpowder. The first rockets were shaped like arrows and were not very fast. While you won't be able to launch this rocket into space, here is a project from Gilbert House's Creative Space for a rocket you can make at home. INSERT LINK #gilberthousechildrensmuseum #gilberthouseathome #creativespace #winterreimagined #rocket #learningthoughcreativeplay ...
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"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." This may lead to some difficult conversations. As parents, we sometimes avoid conversations because we know they may be highly charged. We hope you will find value in these resources when these conversations arise. #diversity #courage #education #gilberthouseathome #learningthroughcreativeplay #gilberthousechildrensmuesum #winterreimagined ...
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