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As a benefit of membership, you can have some of your favorite Gilbert House Children's Museum experiences at home.  For a nominal cleaning fee you will be able to take home some of your favorite exhibits and activities for up to two weeks.



Gilbert House at Home

Bring fun and creative learning into your home. Our subscription boxes are available to provide Pre-K and K-5 with hands-on, inquiry based educational opportunities through STEAM experiments, literacy activities, moments for movement and more. We also have opportunities for small groups of kids to take part in coding and engineering workshops onsite.

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Just because you can't come play at our house doesn't mean we don't still have a lot of fun activities planned for you! Check out our social media and event calendar for our monthly physically distanced and virtual events, as well as activities you can do at home.


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Making new memories and keeping the holidays special is so important this year.We have created this fun activity you can do this weekend and share with friends and family you won't be able to gather with this year. Simply print complete each of the statements or make plans for each of the activities. Cut out the rectangles and create a countdown to Christmas chain that will let your loved ones know you are thinking of them even if you can't be together. Once you have completed the chain, be sure to drop it in the mail on Monday so the family you are sharing with will be able to begin their countdown. Don't have a box? Cut out the rectangles and put them in an envelope in the order you want them to put the chain together and have them count up to Christmas instead. #holidaysaredifferentthisyear #covidholidays #makingholidaymemories #gilberthousechildrensmuseum #gilberthouseathome #gratitude #winterreimagined #cmionline #familyandfriends ...

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From all of us to all of you, with gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving! #autumnreengineered #gilberthouseathome #gilberthousechildrensmuseum #gratitude ...

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Your support makes it possible for children to be inspired to learn through creative play. Because of you, thousands of children enjoyed hands-on learning at the museum last year before we had to move our activities into your homes due to COVID-19. Your commitment to children learning through play motivates us to provide engaging play opportunities for you at home. Thank you for your continued support! #gratitude #thankyou #community #gilberthouseathome #gilberthousechildrensmuseum #autumnreengineered ...

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It's Thankgiving week - time to think about all things turkey and cranberries. Today we are going to focus on the cranberries and how kids can write and send secret messages to one another using these simple ingredients! Paint with cranberry juice and the message is revealed. It's magic! No, it's science! #foodscience #gilberthouseathome #gilberthousechildrensmuseum #littlebinslittlehands #playwithyourfood #learningthroughplay #autumnreengineered ...

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You might not be in the same kitchen, but that doesn't mean you can't cook together. Food is almost an instant memory maker because it involves so many senses and both sides of the brain. Find one item on the holiday meal list you can all make, no matter where you are in the world. Set a time to prepare it and all join in the fun as you measure, chop, mix, and bake together virtually. Click here for more ideas on how to make this holiday special #cmionline #gilberthouseathome #covidholidays #keepthetraditions #autumnreengineered #gratitude #gilberthousechildrensmuseum #strongerbecause #community ...

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