Membership Extension

Membership Extension

How are you doing?  We’ve been thinking of you, your family, and all of the parents and children in our community during this unusual time.  We are right there with you, as we miss the typical day-to-day activities and routines, especially connecting with you through creative play at Gilbert House Children’s Museum.

We’ve been considering the best way to serve our members as our museum continues in this long “pause” of a season.  We have some good news to share with you, as we would like to offer you a membership extension.  All memberships in active standing upon our closure will receive an extension to account for lost play time due to COVID-19.  This extension will be applied to your membership by the time we reopen.

We will also honor this extension for any new memberships purchased or memberships formally renewed throughout the time of our closure.

Your membership dues are a vital part of the museum’s economic health, and we want to be sure you are receiving the full benefit and experience of your membership investment.  Thank you for your ongoing partnership.

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone.  Whether you are working from home, serving our community, or taking on the role of full-time caretaker, we invite you to join other parents in our GHCM Facebook Community Group.  We provide activity prompts that give you a few more ideas of how to keep your little ones busy, active, and engaged at home.  We focus on creative activities that require little to no purchases, using materials or items you already have on hand to facilitate new play opportunities.

Stay healthy, stay home, and keep playing!