Legacy of Play Day


The Gilbert House Children’s Museum hosts Legacy of Play Day each year on Presidents’ Day.  The event honors our Museum’s namesake, Salem-born A.C. Gilbert.  Gilbert was a scholar, inventor, Olympic athlete, gold medalist, entrepreneur, magician, and so much more.  He left the world a legacy of play through a variety of inventions including magic sets, toys, and his famous Erector Sets.

The Legacy of Play Day is a FREE admission day.  We seek to continue A.C. Gilbert’s spirit of tinkering, engagement, and discovery by offering a day of exploration at Gilbert House for all, along with a collection of Discovery Booths to enjoy. We hope this event will celebrate and contribute to building and strengthening a culture of innovation and play in our community.

As part of the event, we invite local businesses, inventors, and innovators to host Discovery Booths.  If you have an activity or trade you would like to showcase to the children of our community, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator at outreach@acgilbert.org.

If you would like to partner with us as a business sponsor for this event, please contact our Executive Director, Alicia Bay, at executivedirector@acgilbert.org.

2019 Event Sponsors: The City of Salem, PGE, Cafe Yumm!,and Salem Clinic.