Engineering Workshops

Engineering Workshops

Engineering Workshops:

Engineering Workshops are available for groups of 3-8 kids.  Gather your group and select your workshop from the list below, then click the button below to register.

Masks and temperature checks are required. All COVID-19 related safety protocols will be followed.  One adult chaperone will need to stay with the group.  Due to COVID restrictions, no more than one adult will be allowed to remain in the room

Gravity Cars  (all ages)

Students will build a prototype car and test how far it travels with the use of a ramp. Applying critical thinking and testing, students will make design changes to improve the distance traveled.  Your kiddos will not want to stop when the workshop time is up!
K-2-ETS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-2, 3-PS2-2.

Rockets (all ages)

We have built a pneumatic rocket launcher that is waiting for your student’s rockets! Students will learn a basic rocket format and will design custom alterations to make their rockets soar even higher.
NGSS:  K-PS2-2, K-2-ETS1-3, 4-PS3-4, 3-5-ESTS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-3.

Roller Coasters (2nd-5th recommended)

Ready for a challenge?  Students will work to build a roller coaster for a marble with twists, spirals, and more! Designing, testing, and applying changes will be front and center in this fun engineering workshop that introduces principles of physics including gravity, momentum, friction, and centripetal force.
K-2-ETS1-2, 3-5-ETS1-2, 3-PS2-2.

Parachutes (all ages)

Get ready for some wind!  Students will construct parachutes to lift plastic animals up and out of a wind tube.  Students will explore the concepts of gravity and drag through hands-on experimentation.
NGSS: K-2-ETS1-1, K-2-ETS1-3, 3-5-ETS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-3.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]