Item donations

Gilbert House Children’s Museum is Seeking Used Devices

Do you have a used device (tablet, iPad, or smartphone) that you recently replaced and need to find a new home for it? Gilbert House Children’s Museum will take it!

Gilbert House is seeking ways to expand the use of technology at the Museum. With your used device, we can offer some great educational programming to our visitors such as coding, virtual reality (VR), video production, and more. We will bring another life to your old device and you can feel good that your donation is making an educational impact on the youth in our community.

• Do a factory reset before bringing in your device. Make sure all personal information is removed.
• Cables: if possible, please include all charging cables for your device.
• Flip phones: No flip phones, please. Smartphones only.
• Devices older than 4 years may not be suitable for our educational requirements.

If you have any questions about your tablet/iPad/smartphone donation, please contact Ryan at If you ever have any question about what items we are currently in need of, please call us at the Museum at 503-371-3631.