How We Play

One of the Biggest Parts of Learning Through Creative Play is Learning to Respect Others and the Spaces We Use.

We take your child's safety, and the safety of all our guests and team seriously. In order that everyone may have a positive experience, we ask that you:

  • SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES: Children must be under the close supervision of an adult caregiver.  Caregivers are expected to be a role model for others.
  • UNATTENDED ADULTS: For child safety, unattended adults may not visit the Museum.  Adult visitors must be accompanied by a child or a staff member.
  • CLOTHING: Visitors are required to wear proper attire, including shirts and shoes.
  • SERVICE ANIMALS: Your service animal is welcome to assist you in enjoying the museum.  No other pets are allowed on Museum property.
  • SUBSTANCE USE: We are a smoke-free property.  This includes e-cigarettes.  Anyone possessing illegal drugs or under the influence will be asked to leave the museum.
  • WEAPONS: We comply with the City of Salem’s weapon regulations.

So That We May Keep the Museum A Safe Place for You and Your Kids to Play, we ask that:

  • FOOD & BEVERAGE: You don't bring food and beverage, other than water in a closed container, into any of the houses. We have a number of areas outdoors designated for you to enjoy a snack.
  • BEHAVIOR: Visitors exhibit common courtesy by cleaning up after themselves, using equipment safely, walking indoors, using appropriate language, and consenting to instructions given by our staff.
  • We have the right to dismiss individuals from the premises or refuse service to anyone displaying inappropriate, harmful, disruptive, or suspicious behavior.