Field Trip Workshops

*Workshop Reservation Policy:  Independent field trip groups must secure workshop reservation with  a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Grade Level Specific Workshops:

Kindergarten-Pushing and Pulling- Making Things Move

We don’t normally encourage pushing and pulling when working with kids, but that is exactly what this workshop asks kids to do! Students will discover how strength and direction of a push or pull effects how things move. Getting hands-on with two different activities will have students looking at pushing and pulling in a brand-new way! NGSS: K-PS2-1, K-PS2-2

1st– Shedding Some Light…on Light

What happens when light hits an object? Students will answer this question while engaging in two different stations during the workshop time. Walking away with a strong understanding of how light waves respond to different materials is the goal of this investigation. NGSS: 1-PS4-2, 1-PS4-3

2nd – Engineering to Fight Erosion

Kids will get their hands dirty, literally, as they explore ways to engineer solutions to prevent erosion. In small groups, students will use actual stream tables to design and test their ideas for how to keep soil in place. NGSS: 2-EES2-2, K-2-ETS1-1-3

3rd – Moving It with Magnets

Magnets sometimes seem to be a bit magical, but students will leave this workshop with a better understanding of the science of magnet force. First, students will make visible, the invisible magnetic force lines. Second, kids will flex their engineering muscles by trying to move a car through a racetrack only using magnets. NGSS: 3-PS2-2, 3-PS2-4

4th – Light It Up with Electricity

Series circuits? Parallel circuits? Switches? Students will leave understanding these terms after the hands-on building that will happen in this workshop. NGSS: 4-PS3-2

5th – Chemical Reactions: Mix It Up!

In five different stations, students will get a chance to see what happens when they combine substances together. As they observe, students will collect data that could be used for later work in the classroom. NGSS: 5-PS1-4

Engineering Workshops:

NGSS: K-2 Engineering Design or 3-5 Engineering Design

 E1- Gravity Cars

Students will build a prototype car and then test how far it will go down a ramp. After the first test, they can make design changes to improve on the distance their car will run. Kids will not want to stop when this workshop time is up!

E2- Rockets

We have built a pneumatic rocket launcher that is waiting for your student’s rockets! Students will learn a basic form for a rocket but then will get to design additions or changes to make their rockets soar even higher.

E3- Bucket Towers

Kid’s engineering chops will be put to the test in this fun workshop. They will be challenged to build a tower that supports a bucket with weight. Students will need to get creative as they engineer in this workshop!

E4 – Boats

Using a variety of materials, students will design and build boats; boats that float, boats that hold weight and even boats that move! Your young engineers will have endless opportunities as they sail through this workshop.

E5- Roller Coasters

We will challenge students to work to build a roller coaster for a marble with twists, spirals, and more! Designing, testing and redesigning will be front and center in this fun engineering workshop that introduces principles of physics like gravity, momentum, friction and centripetal force.

E6- Planes

In this workshop, students will learn about flight and then get a chance to design, test and improve their own planes. The science is packed into this workshop and kids will walk away with a new understanding of how things fly.