Coding For Kids

Coding For Kids

We are excited to announce our group coding workshops are available during our COVID-19 closure!  Our Coding for Kids experience is accessible to you through individual workshops that you can book according to your schedule, and at your own pace.  These workshops are available to be booked by groups of 2-6 students.

Masks and temperature checks are required. All COVID-19 related safety protocols will be followed.

Group Coding Workshops FAQ:

Age Requirement:  8+
Minimum Workshop Count: At least 2 students are needed to book a coding workshop.
Maximum Workshop Count:  Current restrictions require us to limit participation to no more than 6 individual students.  If your group has more than 6 students, we will need to book multiple sessions.
Prerequisites:  Our Intro to Coding Workshop is created for your students to gain a foundation for basic coding principles.  No experience is necessary prior to the class.  We do ask that you take our Intro to Coding Workshop before booking a Coding Challenge Workshop.
Availability:  Workshops are booked based our your schedule and preferences.  Offered Monday-Friday, September-June.  Our Education Coordinator will work with you to schedule your workshop.
Duration:  Workshops are 60 minutes.
Pricing:  $12/Student (GHCM member)
$15/Student (non-member)
Chaperones:  One chaperone is required to stay with the group throughout their visit.
Questions:  If you have questions regarding our workshops, please submit an inquiry below, or contact our Education Coordinator, Julia Golden, at (503)-371-3631 (ext 230).

Due to COVID-19 Restrictions groups will be limited to participating students and one chaperone. 

Explore our Coding Workshops 

Intro to Coding 
Learn the basics of block coding by writing a simple program for a real robot – the Sphero Bolt!  Our Spheros can roll, spin, and light up, making programs truly come to life.  Students will walk away from this session with enough knowledge to start writing their own basic programs and will be ready for any of the Coding Challenge Workshops.

Dance Party Coding Challenge
You’ll learn a few “moves” as a class, but then it’s time for your Sphero to hit the dance floor.  Students will explore new coding blocks as they make their Spheros spin, shake, wobble, and strobe in this open-ended coding challenge.

Pokemon Coding Challenge
Pokemon on the loose!  Each Pokemon can only be cuaght if you can program your Sphero to complete its coding challenge.  Can you catch them all?

Mini Golf Challenge
Students will be challenged to write a program to get a hole-in-one on multiple mini golf holes in the classroom.  With an emphasis on prediction and precision, this coding challenge will have your students honing their decimal and angle-measurement math skills without realizing it!

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