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Introducing our Coding for Kids Club! We now offer our coding classes and challenges in a weekly club format for ages 8-12+! Our Coding for Kids Club will offer expert instruction in a group-learning dynamic with a specialized coding focus each month. Club registration is offered on a monthly basis, allowing you to participate during the months that work for you! You may also choose between our Friday or Saturday groups. Join the club to learn the basics of computer programming, build friendships, and engage your love of technology while learning life-long skills.

Coding for Kids Club! will resume in the fall.  In the meantime, you can browse our Summer Camps, or take a peek at coding topics we offered last school year:  

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Club Schedule

PRICING:  $35/month:  Includes 4 Classes
REGISTRATION:  Registration is closed.  There are no refunds for cancellations or absences.
OPTIONS:  Friday, 4 – 5 PM • Saturday, 10 – 11 AM 

Do you want to be a game designer? This month we will use Kodu, a visual programming language, to create our own computer game! Let your imagination run free as we create worlds, develop game rules, point systems, and more.

We’re bringing back some of our favorite coding challenges! Throughout November, we will spend some time learning (or refreshing) how to write code for Sphero Robots. During each meeting, students will be challenged to use their coding skills to make their robots complete a game or task. Each student will have his or her own robot to work with throughout the month!

Learn block coding by designing your own computer game! Scratch is a free coding platform designed by MIT. We will work together and use Scratch to program a computer game. Students can then edit their games’ code to make it uniquely theirs!

Our favorite visual programming language, Kodu, is back!  Did you miss our October sessions?  Now is your chance to explore this user friendly tool for creating computer games.  
This February, learn how to code your own fighter jet game! Once you’ve got the hang of the coding language, get creative and make the game your own!

We know you love Sphero, and we do, too!  Jump aboard as we take our Sphero coding to the next level. During March, club members will be introduced to our brand new Sphero Bolt! This new robot features an 8×8 LED matrix with capabilities for animation, written messages, and more.  Get ready for some new coding challenges!

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