Age Level: 8+ / One-time Intro to Coding Class: $20 / Coding Challenges: $15/each 

Intro to Coding: Offered January 20th, February 3rd, or March 3rd. 

In the Intro to Coding class, we will learn how to create programs for the Spheros using block coding. Once we know how to communicate with the Spheros, we can have them drive, turn, spin, change colors and more! This class is required before participating in the Coding Challenge classes.

Maze Mayhem Coding Challenge: January 27th

It’s time to put your coding skills into practice! In this coding challenge, we will write programs to navigate our Spheros through a maze on the floor. Create a maze, gather data, write a program, then test it with your Sphero and repeat.

Bocce Ball Coding Challenge: February 17th

Test your coding precision with a game of Bocce Ball.  How close can you get your Sphero to the target? Can you avoid obstacles?

Morse Code Coding Challenge: February 24th

Learn a not-too ancient form of communication through programming. Can you send and decode secret messages using a Sphero?

Battleship Coding Challenge: March 17th

We all love this childhood game! Code your Sphero to seek and destroy enemy battleships. (You may even learn a bit about x, y coordinates in the process.)

Dance Party Coding Challenge: March 24th

In this challenge, you will program your Sphero to spin, move, shake, and light up to a song. Ain’t no party like a coding-dance party!

*All classes take place Saturdays, 10 AM – 11:30 AM, in Wilson Durbin House at Gilbert House Children’s Museum.